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August 2016

Cost of school dinners in Formby set to soar

School dinner prices across the borough are set to rise by 50p per week.
Unions and campaigners fear take-up rates will tumble, leaving some kids without a healthy meal each day.Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said:

“We know schoolchildren who eat healthy meals get the best out of lessons.“The Government should be investing in school meals, not forcing schools to put up the price. Kids will be robbed of the chance of a decent meal.”

Schools blame food and energy prices and the impact of the new living wage on labour costs.


NT Formby warning of long traffic queues

Hot day ahead

NTFormby warns of long queues.

Our car parks will be full by lunchtime, long queues and delays will develop quickly and last throughout the day. 1/2 — Formby (@NTFormby) August 23, 2016

2/2 Please think very carefully before travelling to us today, it's going to be a hot day for children and dogs to be sat in traffic —

Formby (@NTFormby) August 23, 2016Formby beach looking magnificent yesterday. — Tom Cox (@cox_tom) August 22, 2016