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Viewed from some distance above, it's one of the remotest public notice boards in Formby, if not the most inaccessible.

Heritage Board Aerial View 2 LiveThe question is, what's it for? Why is it here? And is this the right place for it?

The aerial image contains a major clue, to the right and above is the end of the North/South landing strip at RAF Woodvale.

The new Heritage board in the corner of the field is difficult to see until you approach within a few yards. Dwarfed by an 180-degree sky and planted in rugged heathland it appears to be insignificant. Behind in the distance, you can barely make out some of the buildings of RAF Woodvale.

Heritage Board General View LiveThe board is positioned at a complicated junction of several weathered fences. Behind it an eye-catching white plastic fence marking the boundary of RAF Woodvale. The notice board matches the height of these. The new sturdy oakwood posts lend it an air of strength and durability.

A black and white image of a plane is the first to attract the eye. Around it, some small panels feature text and more images. The purple background provides contrast for the text but is out of place in this natural setting.

Up closer, a headline sentence informs the visitor that this is the largest single lowest heathland site on Merseyside. Below this and to the left the purpose of the notice becomes clearer. It's a memorial to the 26 pilots and aircrew who lost their lives in World War 2 operating out of the Woodvale base.


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